30 November 2015

This week will see the second IP Global TriChallenge take place in Hong Kong, as we look to support ShelterBox by building on the successes of last year’s event.

November 2014 saw the launch of the IP Global TriChallenge, a new event in which participants raced across Hong Kong’s Sai Kung Country Park. Designed to raise money for international charity ShelterBox, participants carried actual ShelterBoxes across a ten kilometre course, stopping along the way to take part in three challenges over air, land and sea. 

After the huge success of last year's inaugural event, in 2015 the TriChallenge is getting even bigger. Taking place on Saturday 5 December, Hong Kong’s newest endurance challenge is now split into TriChallenge Elite and TriChallenge Explorer. 

TriChallenge Elite is an uncompromising competition for dedicated multidisciplinary athletes. Individual competitors will take on a 16 kilometre race across rugged New Territories terrain, with abseil, weighted-sprint and paddle-board races to overcome along the way. 

Relying on communication, coordination and cooperation, TriChallenge Explorer is a group competition that will test each team’s creative and physical limits. Our explorers will carry their ShelterBox around a ten kilometre course, with stops for abseiling and sedan chair races as well as a raft building challenge and relay.

A number of awards will be given out to participants, from Overall Champion to Top Fundraiser. We’re expecting to have a lot of fun on the day and hope those joining us to compete or support participants will do too.

While the challenge and fun involved in the TriChallenge is a great motivator, a big reason so many people are involved is that funds raised from the event are going to such a worthwhile cause. ShelterBox helps thousands of people around the world every year, whether their lives have been affected by natural disasters or political instability. 

We’re very proud to be able to make even a small contribution to the amazing work ShelterBox do and we’d like to urge you to help us support them further by donating – either to one (or more!) of the TriChallenge participants or directly through our TriChallenge page at JustGiving.com.

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