9 April 2014

An ambitious community regeneration scheme is at the heart of the modern revitalisation of Deptford

Following on from our last blog update on the merits of the vibrant community, excellent transport connections and burgeoning regeneration plans in Deptford, we’d like to fill you in on a particular Deptford project that is exactly what it says on the tin.

Darren Mellis, Director - IP Global

The Deptford Project has become a focal point for the wide array of regeneration work that is currently transforming Deptford. It’s one of the most community-involved development projects in London, with developer U and I Group PLC placing a sincere emphasis on getting local people involved to ensure they’re provided with a project that meets their aspirations for the area. 

Centred around a restored train carriage that has become a renowned cafe and meeting space known simply as “the train” to locals, the project has grown organically since it was begun in 2008. 

Sitting above one of Britain’s oldest surviving rail stations, heritage has been an important aspect of the project, which has seen one of the country’s only remaining carriage ramps restored and the archway space beneath it revitalised.

The project has grown into a hub for local community events and interaction, including a regular pop-up market offering arts, craft and food, and parties celebrating local and international music and culture. The site was also host to a regular silent cinema event, and even provided the backdrop for a local wedding and a Royal Wedding tea party.

Given the creative roots that run so deep in this part of Southeast London, the Deptford Project has become a worthy reflection of the local community it serves, as was always the goal from the project’s earliest stages.

As the residential part of what is truly a broader programme for the local community, the vision for RISE incorporates much of the Deptford Project’s spirit, and promises to represent a sympathetic addition to the area’s vibrantly defined atmosphere and sense of identity.


Here’s what some of our property experts team had to say about the Deptford Project and RISE itself following their recent visit.

Tim Higgins / Senior Consultant

We were all looking forward to this one as we’d heard mixed reviews on Deptford from developers and clients. So in that respect, we didn’t have a clue what to expect and were looking forward to seeing it firsthand.

The Deptford Project

The site is a five-minute walk from Deptford Bridge DLR, just down Deptford High Street. It’s right next to the Deptford rail station, which has a useful staircase overlooking the site. The project will be incorporating the UK’s only remaining carriage ramp which has the arches remaining underneath. This will sit alongside the length of the structure and bring in the rest of Deptford High Street.

The developer told us about how much effort they’ve been making in terms of incorporating the project with the local community, and there will be a pedestrian area in front of the project with farmers market that will be accessible from the High Street and immediately south next to the Albany Theatre site. The Church will remain, which will be a nice feature and each aspect of the building has something positive. Views from RISE itself will either be of the Church/High Street, City view, Canary Wharf view or south facing.

Darren Mellis / Director

While on site we met with the Project Director from U and I Group PLC, who ran us through the entire project, including its residential, retail and commercial components. The attention to detail of all aspects of the project was impressive, and U and I Group PLC are taking great care to ensure that the project enhances the Deptford High Street area. 

One of the features of the residential block that struck me most was the shared roof terrace for residents. I’ve seen that on some of our Manhattan projects, but never in London until this project – it definitely adds to the communal feel for the residents.

I could definitely appreciate the potential of Deptford after seeing it in person. It’s a really vibrant area, with trendy cafes, street market stalls and a fresh seafood market. I feel that Deptford is a key regeneration site for London, and this project will be an integral part of that. Due to this, the accessibility to the City of London and Canary Wharf, and the strength of the developer/architect, I’m personally investing in this project and am confident Deptford will be one of the highest growth areas in London over the next five years.


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