Making property investment simple: a brand journey

    03 Aug 2018


    In 2006, Tim Murphy founded property investment firm IP Global with a simple philosophy, to only sell properties that he is confident to put his own money in. Tim capitalised on profitable investments all over the world alongside IP Global clients, which is now the basis of the company’s unique underwrite business model: to make a financial commitment to developers by purchasing properties in bulk before marketing to clients.

    IP Global’s bespoke end-to-end services has long appealed to its loyal customer base. But as the business grows internationally, and even started franchising its business model, the company needed to adapt a more digitalised means to reach its current and potential customers without losing their skin-in-the game, passionate and personal approach. How did they make this happen? 


    IP Global is a full service global property investment firm. Our mission is to change the way the world views global real estate investment, placing it on a level footing with other recognised asset classes. We provide our clients with access to the best opportunities and deliver an end-to-end service that guides them through every step of their investment journey.


    We started with a few people in a small office in Hong Kong to now having over 200 employees in 11 major cities, serving a diverse client base representing 128 different nationalities.

    The value of property our investors have purchased through us has now reached over USD2.8 billion across 30 markets. We partner with reputable independent financial advisors, private banks, wealth managers and other third-party distributors around the world who are reaping the rewards of our leading property investment portfolio.

    Our business started in a time where only those in the finance and banking industry were interested in overseas property investment. After the 2008 Global Financial Crisis hit, more people realised the need to find de-risking solutions and looked to property as a safe and stable investment.

    One of our core deliverables is to make property investment accessible to all by providing resources to people from all walks of life – whether it’ beginners with an online course or with peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing sessions like we did specifically for women who want to grow their capital, or investors who are sitting on properties and would like to maximise and diversity their investment through a reinvestment cycle.


    Our clients often praise our services. This is something we want to highlight to get as many people to benefit from the life-enhancing services that we provide. We aren’t solely in the business of selling properties, we are a customer-centric company, and our clients can ensure their communication with us don’t end once the sale is done.

    Many people may not know that:


    As a Marketer, I must always think, how can my team and I best get our message across? This is how we formulated our Time is Money campaign. Our campaign tells a story of a seasoned property investor who is knowledgeable but time-poor and needs a partner who doesn't waste time. With the fun 'fast talking' format, we are able to get across a lot of our company's features and benefits in a short time and with a sense of urgency.  


    Our campaign encapsulates who we are as a company:

    • We like the straight talk
    • We know what serious property investors want, before, during and after their initial deposit.
    • We have full confidence in our projects. We conduct a range of research, due diligence and make a financial commitment before we enter a market, so our investors don’t have to worry. 


    We grew our business and network by forming great relationships with our clients and developers. Today, as more people spend more time online, we recognise the importance of communicating with people on digital platforms. Making more people aware of IP Global and what we do without losing our uniqueness, personal-touch and what makes us ‘us’ is what we ventured out to do with this campaign. While we are still in the early days, I am confident we have communicated who are as genuinely and succinctly as possible – without wasting any of our viewers’ time! 



    IP Global’s full-service approach is built on extensive market research and analysis combined with a significant financial commitment to every investment we offer. We are able to manage the entire investment process end-to-end, from sourcing, financing, and management to those all important exit strategies, making investment in real estate as straightforward as investing in more traditional asset classes. Our expertise, experience and strong record have produced over USD2.8 billion in international real estate investments in over 30 markets worldwide.


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