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28 December 2016

Global economic volatility, Brexit and the US presidential election were some of the key hot topics for property investors in 2016.

To wrap up the year, we are revisiting our most popular articles of 2016. The themes our readers were most interested in were the ramifications of Brexit and how regeneration influences the property market.

Find our most popular reads of the year below:

1. Woolwich – Crossrail’s biggest winner

London’s new Crossrail and its exciting investment prospects was the top topic for our readers this year. Here, we explore the investment trends of the South East London town of Woolwich, which is projected to be the biggest house price growth winner and one of the greatest beneficiaries of the Crossrail project.

2. Taking stock of Brexit

Six short weeks post-Brexit, our Senior Investment Manager Hamish Pound addressed some of the key concerns for investors and the short, medium and long term effects on the property market.

3. New PM brings certainty to markets

There was good news for investors once Theresa May assumed office as UK Prime Minister. We review the country’s resilient economy and also explore how investors can take advantage of the currency play as the UK navigates its new relationship with the EU.

4. Brexit impact on UK mortgages

Just 19 days following the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU, our resident mortgage expert and Director of Liquid Expat Stuart Marshall assessed whether Brexit will make it more difficult for foreign investors to get a mortgage in the UK.

5. Four ways retail is leading London’s property market

Retail-led regeneration has changed the face of many of London’s town centres. Here, we examine the ‘Westfield Effect’ and four examples of how the opening of major retailers brought transformative change and a surge in property prices in their locales.

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Khushboo Hemrajani

Written by Khushboo Hemrajani

An experienced corporate communications professional, Khushboo specialises in editorial content, creative and digital campaigns, as well as marketing strategies for IP Global Ltd.

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